Hated the thought of CPAP

Here’s another story of a 60+ year old woman who was diagnosed with severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  To complicate things, she was using Ambien sleep medication for the last 9 years!  She had a overnight sleep test and was told in the morning that she had to come back another night to be fitted with the breathing machine called the CPAP.  She did not want to sleep with a machine!  How dehumanizing?!?!?!?

Well, we did her NoSnore Therapy program and after the second or third NoSnore day, she slept without having taken any meds for sleep.  She was even tired around bedtime which is unusual for her.  Her husband said that he hasn’t heard her snore any.  She is waking up in the morning feeling rested.  She is amazed that she hasn’t taken any Ambien which she has had to do for the last nine years!

These are 100% true stories and are the reason that I continue this revolutionary therapy.  Feel free to contact me for a no-charge consultation on the phone or Skype.  My email is DrScot@NoSnoreTherapy.com.  I look forward to helping you soon!

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